The Förster-Technik COMPANY has been the global pioneer and trendsetter for CALF FEEDING equipment since 1971. It stands for GROWTH in three ways: for healthy growth of an­imals, for profitable growth of agricultural operations and for the sustainable growth of the company as a family operation in its second generation.


The technology used in agricultural opera­tions must be sturdy. It must be easy to use. It must make life easier. For these reasons, even with familiar devices, Förster-Technik continuously focuses on improvements in detail that provide the customer with added value every day. This includes, for example, systems with automatic cleaning such as the new HygieneBox or for auto­matic calibration. This removes the need for onerous cleaning tasks and improves operational safety. Because devices only become successful when they are also PRACTICAL.


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What We Offer

Automatic calf feeding systems for a successful calf rearing.

Automatic Calf Feeders: For smart calf growth.

HygieneBox: For optimum hygiene acheived through automatic suction hose cleaning.

CalfRail: For automated feeding of individually penned calves.

YelloTeat: The antibacterial teat.

The automatic calf feeders have made Förster-Technik successful worldwide. Over 80,000 devices have been produced to date. The ideas and technology are unique. The centerpiece of the calf automation system feeds the animals around the clock, and monitors and documents the feeding reliably. In this way the devices are gradually optimized and become ‚smart‘. Today, the feeder is available for groups in the most varied designs. As the COMPACT smart for smaller ope­rations and as the VARIO smart for large operations with the potential for growth. A number of fitting options mean that each machine can be ideally adjusted to the needs of the customers.

healthy calf growth

A selection of services from Förster-Technik.

Intelligent Systems

Automatic Calf Feeding

Seamless Automation

Maintaining Calf Health

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