COLOSTRUM Pasteurization & Management SOLUTIONS

Dairy Tech Inc.® understands the challenges and importance of getting a newborn calf's first feeding right. Since 1999, they’ve been researching and manufacturing products and

easy-to-use equipment designed to protect the nutritional value of colostrum and milk during collection, pasteurization, storing, warming and feeding.


Colostrum Pasteurization and Management Solutions


Effective nutrition is vital to raising healthy calves. The most influential, cost effective way to accomplish this is to ensure they receive the correct volume of high quality, pathogen-free colostrum – 10% of their body weight within the first hour of life, followed by another 5% 8 - 10 hours later.


It’s More Than Just Immunity


Non - nutritional factors such as hormones and growth factors are compounds present in colostrum that have a proven impact on their feed conversion, organ development, weight gain, milk production, cull rate and even reproductive performance. No amount of money spent can ever recoup the opportunity you have in the first 8 weeks of their life, to make the ultimate dairy cow.


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What We Offer

Dairy Tech Inc.’s entire Perfect Udder® Feeding System product line has been created and tested by leading veterinarians and university researchers to prove it actually works and delivers effective results from the very first feeding up until weaning.

Discover how their Perfect Udder® Feeding System can help you create a stronger, healthier herd while enabling you to spend less time and money on your calves and develop a healthier adult with greater milk production.

  • Perfect Udder® Colostrum Management Bags
  • Perfect Udder® G-Series Pasteurizers (Milk & colostrum)
  • Matilda® (Colostrum pasteurization and warming)

we make colostrum management simple

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Perfect Udder® Colostrum Management Bags

Perfect Udder® G-Series Pasteurizers

Matilda® (Colostrum pasteurization and warming)

Perfect Udder® Accessories

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